6 courses to share

So very sorry with the delay on this post. I completed this item off my list a little while ago but life has been hectic of late. So without further ado…….

Are you hungry? I hope you are because my fantastic fiancé Nathan and I cooked up a delicious Italian inspired 6 course meal! And of course then ate it because let’s face it; there’s something wrong if you don’t eat the food you’ve just cooked. Now I love food and cooking (as people may have noticed by many of the items on my bucket list) but even I wasn’t prepared for just how much time we spent in the kitchen to prepare and serve six courses. We started mid afternoon with our prep work and didn’t leave the kitchen until around 10pm. But it was worth it because it worked out beautifully.

So let’s start at the beginning with…….

Course #1: Crispy Courgette and Potato Pancakes.
All I can say here is yum! Crispy, flavoursome and with a savoury mascarpone cream on top? Yes please! Of course I may be biased as this was a dish I was in charge of but nah, they were really good! These were fairly quick and easy to make too which gave us more time to focus on the later dishes. And thank god, we really did need that extra time.


Course #2: Margarita Pizzas
Simple? You would think so but this was actually the dish Nathan spent the longest on as he made a traditional dough from scratch. Many hours were spent just watching the dough rise…..then punching it…..then watching it rise again. This definitely paid off as it was the best dough he’d ever made…by a long mile!


Course #3: Mushrooms with Chilli Polenta
YUM! That’s what i have to say about it; YUM! This had to be by far my favourite dish of the night. The mushrooms were soft and tender and the chilli polenta supplied a good kick! This dish will certainly be gracing our plates again in the future!


Course #4: Risotto
This was a really last minute addition to the meal. Course 4 was meant to be a seafood dish. But when Nathan went to start cooking we discovered the seafood had gone off. A bit concerning since we’d just purchased it the evening before. So thinking on his feet my gourmet fiancé whipped up a tasty white wine risotto. How it looks really doesn’t do it justice!


Course #5: Saffron Gnocchi
Gnocchi is fiddly to make but worth it if you can get it 100% right. That’s not to say I had it 100% right of course although it turned out better than my previous attempts. It was light, fluffy and went perfectly with the sauce I prepared. Yum!


Course #6: Chocolate Soufflé
This was probably what worked the least. It was extremely rich and by that point we were sick of cooking so we didn’t give it long enough to actually rise. This meant it was gooey inside to the point of being liquid still. Clearly our fault though!


And there you have it! Another item ticked off my bucket list!

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