An unappealing Bucket List item

I believe it might be time for…….something from my partners bucket list!!

That’s right; I’ve managed to convince my fiancé Nathan to write his own bucket list too. After some convincing and some arm twisting he gave in and agreed to put together his own list of things he’d like to do, see and try. Now you might be thinking, why did you want him to write his own bucket list so badly? Why did you feel he should write a list? Well I’ll let you in on my thoughts. I was hoping when he came to compiling his own list that he would have a lot of things in common with my list and this would inspire him to want to come along with me and try all of the things I’m hoping to do. I hoped it would mean he was more enthusiastic to learn a language with me or to save and plan for a trip to France or a trip to Sydney.

My plan completely and utterly backfired. Now Nathan has an ever-growing list of bucket list of things I don’t have any interest in! Oops! Ah well, at least now we have an understanding. I’ll participate in his bucket list items and he’ll participate in mine. So I guess it worked out alright in the end.

So first up he’s decided he wants to watch IMDB’s top 250 movies.

Now I’m fine with that, I like a good movie whether it is classic or modern and it’s always fun to spend a night on the couch with a loved one just relaxing and watching together. But then Nathan added that he has also put on his list that he wants to watch IMDB’s worst 100 movies as well……..

I let out a sigh and reluctantly agreed to be a part of this awful sounding bucket list item. Luckily for me Nathan had already watched a couple of movies off the list so it’s now a little less than 100 to go! Phew!

After marking off the few that he’d already seen it was time to start watching and first up was ‘Son of the Mask which has a rating of just 2.1 out of 10 on IMDB. You might think, oh cool, a sequel to The Mask, but I’d ignore that thought if I were you. The story barely involves any fun mask action and is even more over the top than necessary for a ‘mask’ movie. And yes, that is possible.

Who knows what will be up next, but if you want to check out the list the link is below but be warned there are some terrible looking movies on that list!!