A Day trip away

Not really a bucket list item but I felt like making a post and it was a lot of fun, so well worth talking about. 🙂

My wonderful fiancé Nathan and I went for a day trip down to the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. We figured it was beautiful weather and it was right at the end of the school holidays which meant tourist type places would be nice and empty, so we figured why not take advantage of that?

Stop number one was mini golf (my partner is a HUGE mini golf fan). We had lots of fun at Bellarine Adventure Golf; challenging course though. I do believe in the end I was almost 20 over par, eek! But it was a much better course than our local ones. Definitely worth a look if you’re ever in my part of the world! There was another mini golf place across the road that also had a large maze but there wasn’t time to stop there as well.

Then what sort of day trip isn’t complete without picking some berries! Off to Tuckerberry Hill where they grow fantastic blueberries! Yummo! Beautiful setting, beautiful day and a gorgeous kilo of blueberries later and we were off to stop number three!


The Queenscliffe Maritime Museum! There was absolutely no-one there! It was a bit eerie walking around a big, spacious museum on our own but still interesting to learn about the areas maritime history. They had some amazing pieces there from a large boat to old lighthouse globe casings which are so much bigger than you expect.



Then to finish off our day we stopped by the beach which was also peaceful and mostly empty. It was a little bit too cold for the beach but if you stayed completely in the water you managed to stay warm enough to enjoy it. After some swimming the day was over and back home we went.

It was a fantastic day and we’ve already decided we want to go back and visit the Bellarine peninsula again. There seemed to be so many other fantastic places in that region to visit and we’d hate to miss them.