In Progress

Here you can see all of the bucket list items or projects i am currently working on.


I am currently working on the bucket list item ‘Finish an entire colouring book’ but wow it is really time consuming! You can see my starting post HERE


I have just joined the Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge; I have pledged to read 24 books this year.

Currently Reading:  The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien   &


  1. Too Perfect by Julie Ortolon
  2. Past Malice by Dana Cameron
  3. Never Order Chicken on a Monday: Kitchen Chronicles of an Undercover Food Critic by Matthew Evans
  4. Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
  5. Prayer for the Dead by David Wiltse]
  6. Do Cats Always Land on Their Feet?: 101 of the Most Perplexing Questions Answered about Feline Unfathomables, Medical Mysteries & Befuddling Behaviors by Marty Becker
  7. The Codex by Douglas Preston
  8. Artistic License by Katie Fforde
  9. Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett
  10. Johnny Depp: The Unauthorised Biography by Danny White
  11. A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
  12. Small Gods by Terry Pratchett
  13. Hot Pursuit by Gemma Fox
  14. The MONOPOLY Companion: The Players’ Guide by Philip Orbanes
  15. Fears Unnamed by Tim Lebbon
  16. A Greek God at the Ladies Club by Jenna McKnight
  17. The top 40 Traditions of Christmas by  David McLaughlan

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