My Bucket List

So here it is; my Bucket List in full. I add things every now and then and on occasions remove something as well, sometimes i just change my mind 🙂


  • Visit Sydney, Australia
  • See the Eiffel Tower
  • Visit Disney World
  • Visit Universal Studios
  • Throw a dart at a map and travel to wherever it lands
  • Visit Paris, France
  • Go on a cruise down the Yarra River
  • Go on a big Cruise
  • Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Travel first class
  • Go on a road trip with friends
  • Visit the Geelong Bollards
  • Visit Liechtenstein
  • See Snow
  • Fly on a Plane
  • Travel down the Great Ocean Road
  • See all of the “Big Things” in Australia: List of “Big Things”
  • Ride in a Taxi
  • Go to Fiji
  • Stay in an Ice Hotel
  • See the Sydney Opera House
  • Visit a castle
  • See the pyramids
  • See the Great pyramid of Giza
  • Visit Egypt

Love & Family

  • Marry the love of my life; Married Sunday, 8th September 2013
  • Have my husband rub my pregnant belly
  • Kiss under fireworks
  • Have a daughter and name her after my Grandmother
  • Make out with someone with pop rocks in my mouth; 5th November 2013
  • Have a Baby
  • Fall asleep in his arms
  • Be married to the same person for over 50 years
  • Take his last name
  • Cuddle on a rainy day
  • Go on a date to the zoo
  • Build a blanket fort with someone you love
  • Live to meet my grandchildren
  • Love him until i die
  • Have children
  • Be kissed unexpectedly
  • Take cute kissing pictures in a photobooth
  • Kiss at the top of a Ferris Wheel Completed 28th Sept 2013
  • Fall in love with someone who loves me back
  • Kiss underwater
  • Kiss under mistletoe
  • Be a stay at home Mum
  • Wear a beautiful Wedding Dress


  • Learn a card trick
  • Learn fluent French
  • Learn fluent Sign Language
  • Learn how to tie a tie
  • Learn fluent Japanese
  • Learn to play the piano
  • Learn how to ballroom dance
  • Learn to play Meat Loaf’s music on the piano
  • Learn to play the Harmonica
  • Take a cooking class
  • Learn how to use chopsticks
  • Learn Origami

Food & Drink

  • Try every kind of Pringles
  • Try Vodka gummy bears
  • Get drunk with my best friend
  • Grow a Herb Garden
  • Try Sushi
  • Try sashimi
  • Have someone make me breakfast in bed
  • Host a Christmas lunch for the whole family
  • Eat at Dracula’s Restaurant
  • Learn how to cook
  • Eat at the Titanic themed restaurant in Melbourne
  • Take a flair bartending course
  • Make jello shots
  • Have a baking date
  • Get ice cream from an ice cream truck
  • Have a vegetable garden
  • Bake a loaf of bread
  • Build a gingerbread house
  • Eat a 6 course meal i have cooked together with my fiance
  • Try a pint of butterbeer
  • Try Chocolate covered Bacon 4th August, 2013
  • Try every flavour of Mountain Dew
  • Eat eggs in onion rings
  • Make chocolate dipped kiwi pops
  • Bake every single thing in a cook book
  • Put together a family cookbook
  • Visit a Chocolate factory


  • Go to the Olympics
  • Attend the Men’s Grand Final at the Tennis Australian open
  • Attend the US Open
  • Attend Roland Garros
  • Attend Wimbledon
  • Take Tennis lessons
  • Attend a Commonwealth Games
  • Attend the Tennis Australian Open
  • Play croquet
  • Help each other get into shape (With my husband Nathan)
  • Try archery


  • Collect a keyring from every Country in the world
  • Complete my Lord of the Rings pickers collection
  • Collect a keyring from every town in Australia
  • Attend an Antique or General goods auction
  • Have my own personal library in my house


  • Ride in a Limousine
  • Make 2013 a fun year
  • Play Messy Twister
  • Finish an entire colouring book
  • Own a bunch of cats
  • Have a nerf war
  • See gay marriage legalized everywhere
  • Adopt a puppy
  • Send a message in a bottle
  • Ride an Elephant
  • Build a Snowman
  • Get my license
  • Have a walk in closet
  • Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back
  • Buy my first home
  • Go to a Drive-In movie
  • Be a bridesmaid
  • Attend a masquerade
  • Have a huge water balloon fight
  • Have a Ragdoll cat
  • See Meat Loaf live in concert
  • Go on a horse and carriage ride
  • Host a Murder Mystery night
  • Attend a concert
  • Be a member of a studio audience on a game show
  • Succesfully fly a kite
  • Go Whale watching
  • Move out on my own
  • Attend Supanova
  • Build a house
  • Have a black cat
  • Write a novel
  • Own a grand piano
  • Host a Halloween costume party
  • Create melted crayon art
  • Decorate my house with tons of Christmas lights
  • Do a project from Pinterest every month for a year (Failed first time around)
  • Write a letter to myself and open it in 10 years
  • Ride on a Gondola
  • Make recycled paper
  • Walk through a giant lego forest
  • Go to a burlesque show
  • Donate toys to children in need
  • Do EVERYTHING on my bucket list

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