An unappealing Bucket List item

I believe it might be time for…….something from my partners bucket list!!

That’s right; I’ve managed to convince my fiancé Nathan to write his own bucket list too. After some convincing and some arm twisting he gave in and agreed to put together his own list of things he’d like to do, see and try. Now you might be thinking, why did you want him to write his own bucket list so badly? Why did you feel he should write a list? Well I’ll let you in on my thoughts. I was hoping when he came to compiling his own list that he would have a lot of things in common with my list and this would inspire him to want to come along with me and try all of the things I’m hoping to do. I hoped it would mean he was more enthusiastic to learn a language with me or to save and plan for a trip to France or a trip to Sydney.

My plan completely and utterly backfired. Now Nathan has an ever-growing list of bucket list of things I don’t have any interest in! Oops! Ah well, at least now we have an understanding. I’ll participate in his bucket list items and he’ll participate in mine. So I guess it worked out alright in the end.

So first up he’s decided he wants to watch IMDB’s top 250 movies.

Now I’m fine with that, I like a good movie whether it is classic or modern and it’s always fun to spend a night on the couch with a loved one just relaxing and watching together. But then Nathan added that he has also put on his list that he wants to watch IMDB’s worst 100 movies as well……..

I let out a sigh and reluctantly agreed to be a part of this awful sounding bucket list item. Luckily for me Nathan had already watched a couple of movies off the list so it’s now a little less than 100 to go! Phew!

After marking off the few that he’d already seen it was time to start watching and first up was ‘Son of the Mask which has a rating of just 2.1 out of 10 on IMDB. You might think, oh cool, a sequel to The Mask, but I’d ignore that thought if I were you. The story barely involves any fun mask action and is even more over the top than necessary for a ‘mask’ movie. And yes, that is possible.

Who knows what will be up next, but if you want to check out the list the link is below but be warned there are some terrible looking movies on that list!!


A Day trip away

Not really a bucket list item but I felt like making a post and it was a lot of fun, so well worth talking about. 🙂

My wonderful fiancé Nathan and I went for a day trip down to the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. We figured it was beautiful weather and it was right at the end of the school holidays which meant tourist type places would be nice and empty, so we figured why not take advantage of that?

Stop number one was mini golf (my partner is a HUGE mini golf fan). We had lots of fun at Bellarine Adventure Golf; challenging course though. I do believe in the end I was almost 20 over par, eek! But it was a much better course than our local ones. Definitely worth a look if you’re ever in my part of the world! There was another mini golf place across the road that also had a large maze but there wasn’t time to stop there as well.

Then what sort of day trip isn’t complete without picking some berries! Off to Tuckerberry Hill where they grow fantastic blueberries! Yummo! Beautiful setting, beautiful day and a gorgeous kilo of blueberries later and we were off to stop number three!


The Queenscliffe Maritime Museum! There was absolutely no-one there! It was a bit eerie walking around a big, spacious museum on our own but still interesting to learn about the areas maritime history. They had some amazing pieces there from a large boat to old lighthouse globe casings which are so much bigger than you expect.



Then to finish off our day we stopped by the beach which was also peaceful and mostly empty. It was a little bit too cold for the beach but if you stayed completely in the water you managed to stay warm enough to enjoy it. After some swimming the day was over and back home we went.

It was a fantastic day and we’ve already decided we want to go back and visit the Bellarine peninsula again. There seemed to be so many other fantastic places in that region to visit and we’d hate to miss them.


January Pinterest Challenge

In the first month of Pinterest……I didn’t leave myself much time…..

My sudden desire this month to start my bucket list item; “Do a project from Pinterest every month for a year” was a bit late. In fact I only decided a couple of days ago to do this so it meant I either had to do a very quick and easy project or cut a few corners. I went with the cut a few corners option; I’d still end up with a completed project it would just use items I already had at home rather than things I’d had to go out and source. After all I only left myself with about five days to complete this first project before the end of January rolled around.

Now, drum roll please….the project I have selected is “Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal”. Check it out, it’s amazing! A great way to write what you do every day, and over the years you can look back and see what you were doing that time last year. (From Design Sponge:

Of course there were many problems; I didn’t have any vintage postcards. I decided instead to cut up an old cardboard box I had around the house. Not as nice to look at but equally effective in dividing my months up. I also didn’t have any index cards so I used an old exercise book, got out my guillotine and cut 365 lined sheets for the calendar.

I also didn’t have a date stamp so I went through and wrote out each date on each piece of paper. January 1st, January 2nd………….right through to December 31st.  And lastly I used cut out letters to label the dividers.


And here it is! (Excuse the plastic container it’s sitting in – it is just a temporary home for this quick project)



Now that’s January done! I didn’t really do the project justice because of the short time frame but next month I’ll have so much more time to work on it and to actually source the correct items for the task instead of cutting corners with pretty much every item needed.

But for now I think I should go and prepare for February’s task! So check back next month for the next Pinterest project!

12 Months of Pinterest

I thought it was time to start one of the bucket list items I have that is going to take me a bit longer than some of the others. It’s a 12 month project…’s “Complete a project from Pinterest every month for a year!”

Now this may not seem like a big deal to a lot of crafty or arty people out there but for me it’s huge. I’ve never been very good with starting a hands on project and completing it; I guess you could say I don’t have a lot of follow through. For example, I have a half finished knitted scarf in the cupboard that is full of holes, a cross stitch sitting on my desk that is gathering dust and a sketch book that has half finished drawings. So to take on a bucket list challenge like this will take all of the dedication I have.

There are a few rules for this big bucket list challenge.

  1. I have to have found the project via pinterest.
    (If you don’t know what pinterest is, check out my link at the bottom)
  2. It has to be a craft/art/creative project of some sort.
    (No cooking projects allowed as I cook anyway so it would be cheating!) 
  3. I have to COMPLETE the project in the allotted month. Not just start it, not just try it but complete it.

I’ll be posting here each month with whatever project I select so if I fail you’ll all know and be able to tell me off! Scary thought, hehe.

I’m now heading off to work on this month’s project.  As I’ve left it until very late in January to start this bucket list goal I’d better kick my butt into high gear and get moving! Wish me luck!

P.S. If you’re interested in checking out my pinterest boards or just pinterest in general just follow the link below. If you want to see the possible projects I could be doing over the 12 months, want to have a look at my picture bucket list or a whole bunch of other things I’ve pinned head on over and check it all out!

An Australian Grand Slam!

So it seemed fitting as we are fast  approaching the Grand Finals of this year’s Tennis Australian Open that I talk about the many times now that I have completed this particular bucket list item; ‘Attend the Tennis Australia Open’.

I’d say now I’ve been about 8 times in the last 10 years; gee does this perhaps give away my love of tennis? If that isn’t quite clear yet….I love tennis!

So back in my teens I asked my Dad and Step-Mum to take me and to my surprise they said yes! So off we went to Melbourne with Rod Laver tickets in hand and WOW! The action, the courts, the amazing atmosphere. I loved it!!!


I’ve had a range of experiences while there too; ground passes, non-tennis activities, lining up for hours for signatures (maybe not as fun), quarter finals.

I even saw Roger Federer play up close on an outside court some time before he hit the big time.

I’d definitely recommend this experience for any Tennis fan who lives here or is travelling here. It’s definitely worth it!

And that’s a big happy tick to “Attend the Tennis Australian Open”

A Gingerbread Home

Just for starters I thought I might talk about something from my Bucket List that I have already completed. Something tasty, something sticky and something that wasn’t as easy as it seemed….

…..I wanted to build a Gingerbread House. Why? Because frankly some of them look like amazing works of art! Oh and that whole gingerbread is delicious thing.

So, my original intention was to bake it from scratch.

Thank heavens that my wonderful partner talked me out of that and into building a gingerbread house from a premade kit otherwise the whole experience could have been a nightmare.

Not that the Gingerbread Kit was smooth sailing either.

The kit had some icing, some non descript looking lollies, some sprinkles and of course lots and lots of gingerbread. So the assembly began with my partner holding the walls and me piping the icing a.k.a. cement mix. It was thick, it was gooey and it never did what it was meant to do but after some struggling a house shape started to form.

My hope for a wonderful gingerbread house was returning until it was time to add some roofing. It slipped, it slid, then it sort of, kind of stuck. So before the roofing could come crashing down lollies, icing and sprinkles were pushed feverishly onto the outside of the house in an attempt to make it pretty.


Well, how does it look? Well you may notice that the icing is everywhere….the kitchen was dirty and many of the lollies in the picture are sitting much lower than where I stuck them on. And of course just seconds after my finger pressed the camera’s button to snap this pick the roof decided to slide away onto the bench. The house was no more…..

Gingerbread House; TICK! Off my bucket list that goes. Not the best experience but it was tasty to eat and would be definitely fun to try and make with kids.

,And the best part of all; I have a newfound respect for anyone who can create a structure out of gingerbread. I salute you Gingerbread House architects!

And away we go!

Welcome to my Bucket and a Half of life Blog; you may have guessed by my blog name that it is all about my Bucket List; yep, all of those things i want to do before i die. Or on occasions just other interesting things i’ve found to do.

Hopefully some of the things that i want to do or have already done might be of interest to someone or perhaps i’ll inspire someone else to start or finish their very only bucket list!

Either way, welcome aboard and away we go!