A Coca Cola Cake

As seen in my latest post I’ve failed my monthly pinterest challenge. That hasn’t stopped me however from still trying out a recipe I saw on pinterest a while ago. Something that seemed a bit strange to me. A Coca Cola cake.

Now don’t get me wrong I like Coca Cola but I’ve never considered the idea of actually cooking with it; and even if I had I wouldn’t have thought ‘oh I’d better bake a cake’! I presented the idea of baking the cake to my partner who was even more sceptical than I was about using Coca Cola as an ingredient. But he’s always up to try something strange so we agreed we’d give it a go.

So we organised all our of ingredients and set to preheating the oven and greasing the pan.


Then to my surprise I found myself heating the Coca Cola up in a saucepan with butter and oil. Surprisingly this went off without a hitch! It was mixed in with the dry ingredients which included mini marshmallows and then into the oven it went.


Cooked it for the required amount of time, stuck my skewer in the centre and needed to keep cooking it. Tested it again only to find it still wasn’t cooked and had to go back in for another bake. After twice the allotted cooking time I decided that it had to come out of the oven no matter what so that we could put our dinner in. After pulling it out it actually looked ok; light and puffy looking.


After cooling the cake for a little while in the pan we removed the cake. And that was when everything went downhill fast! The cake fell apart as it was so light and airy. It crumbled and was mushy as soon as I tipped it up. So you know what I did? I iced it anyway because what is a broken Coca Cola cake without its icing? And that was the second mistake.


The icing was so sweet that we ended up eating only a tiny portion of the cake. The cake itself however was surprisingly nice with a light chocolatey consistency. Was it fun to make? Yes. Did it taste like Coca Cola though? No. Not a bit.

My advice? Give it a go because of the novelty value; I mean, it’s a Coca Cola cake!!! But if you’re looking for just a nice chocolate cake, make a nice chocolate cake instead.

For those who would like to try it out, the recipe can be located HERE


A Gingerbread Home

Just for starters I thought I might talk about something from my Bucket List that I have already completed. Something tasty, something sticky and something that wasn’t as easy as it seemed….

…..I wanted to build a Gingerbread House. Why? Because frankly some of them look like amazing works of art! Oh and that whole gingerbread is delicious thing.

So, my original intention was to bake it from scratch.

Thank heavens that my wonderful partner talked me out of that and into building a gingerbread house from a premade kit otherwise the whole experience could have been a nightmare.

Not that the Gingerbread Kit was smooth sailing either.

The kit had some icing, some non descript looking lollies, some sprinkles and of course lots and lots of gingerbread. So the assembly began with my partner holding the walls and me piping the icing a.k.a. cement mix. It was thick, it was gooey and it never did what it was meant to do but after some struggling a house shape started to form.

My hope for a wonderful gingerbread house was returning until it was time to add some roofing. It slipped, it slid, then it sort of, kind of stuck. So before the roofing could come crashing down lollies, icing and sprinkles were pushed feverishly onto the outside of the house in an attempt to make it pretty.


Well, how does it look? Well you may notice that the icing is everywhere….the kitchen was dirty and many of the lollies in the picture are sitting much lower than where I stuck them on. And of course just seconds after my finger pressed the camera’s button to snap this pick the roof decided to slide away onto the bench. The house was no more…..

Gingerbread House; TICK! Off my bucket list that goes. Not the best experience but it was tasty to eat and would be definitely fun to try and make with kids.

,And the best part of all; I have a newfound respect for anyone who can create a structure out of gingerbread. I salute you Gingerbread House architects!