A Quarter of a Century celebration!

A quarter of a century….yep when you say it like that it sounds huge! Or for those of us who would prefer to make it sound smaller….25! I turned 25 just over a week ago now and I can’t say I feel any wiser Ā all of a sudden or any older for that matter. So I guess that’s a positive thing!

So for this Birthday I decided to go back to the 80’s when I was born! Not that I really remember it much as by the time the year clicked over to 1990 I was only two years old and probably not paying attention to the trends going on around me. But that didn’t stop me last weekend from decorating my lounge room in bright 80’s colours, sticking up some cassette tapes and busting out the 80’s tunes. We donned some dorky 80’s gear and partied the night away!


Then it was time to try something fun I’d seen on pinterest. Fairy floss in sparkling wine! Oh yes….fairy floss and sparkling wine.


So I piled the sickly sweet pink floss into my champagne flute and prepared to pour……


And here is the result. A very, very pink looking beverage which actually didn’t taste too bad at all! The floss fizzed and sort of dissolved into the sparkling wine and created a sort of sweet but balanced flavoured drink.


Then the day after the party my partner Nathan took me to a nice Italian restaurant for lunch. Upon arriving however we noted that it was closed, that’s right the restaurant where were planning on eating lunch was closed. Despite having a booking with them that had been confirmed the restaurant hadn’t opened at all. There were no signs on the door apologising and no-one in sight so there went my special Birthday lunch!

Aside from this hiccup though I had a very happy and fun 25th Birthday! Now into the next year I go!

A Quick March Update

Just a bit of a quick update to say how things are going this month!

I just turned 25 last week so there will be a post to come about that shortly šŸ™‚ I had decided on a March pinterest project but then went shopping and forgot to pick up the supplies so that is on hold temporarily…..oops!

But in the ‘going very well’ category is the Goodreads 2013 Reading challenge! I’ve pledged to read 24 books this year which will be quite a challengeĀ  as i’ve just started a new job and i’m also planning my wedding which is later this year! So far though i’ve actually managed to read 5 books which puts me one book ahead of schedule!

You can see the books i’ve read so far on my Goodreads Challenge Page or on my “In Progress Page”

That’s all for now; as i mentioned just a quick hello and an update but there will also be a post soon about turning a quarter of a century old! Oh my!