January Pinterest Challenge

In the first month of Pinterest……I didn’t leave myself much time…..

My sudden desire this month to start my bucket list item; “Do a project from Pinterest every month for a year” was a bit late. In fact I only decided a couple of days ago to do this so it meant I either had to do a very quick and easy project or cut a few corners. I went with the cut a few corners option; I’d still end up with a completed project it would just use items I already had at home rather than things I’d had to go out and source. After all I only left myself with about five days to complete this first project before the end of January rolled around.

Now, drum roll please….the project I have selected is “Vintage Postcard Calendar Journal”. Check it out, it’s amazing! A great way to write what you do every day, and over the years you can look back and see what you were doing that time last year. (From Design Sponge: http://www.designsponge.com/2010/12/diy-project-vintage-postcard-calendar-journal.html)

Of course there were many problems; I didn’t have any vintage postcards. I decided instead to cut up an old cardboard box I had around the house. Not as nice to look at but equally effective in dividing my months up. I also didn’t have any index cards so I used an old exercise book, got out my guillotine and cut 365 lined sheets for the calendar.

I also didn’t have a date stamp so I went through and wrote out each date on each piece of paper. January 1st, January 2nd………….right through to December 31st.  And lastly I used cut out letters to label the dividers.


And here it is! (Excuse the plastic container it’s sitting in – it is just a temporary home for this quick project)



Now that’s January done! I didn’t really do the project justice because of the short time frame but next month I’ll have so much more time to work on it and to actually source the correct items for the task instead of cutting corners with pretty much every item needed.

But for now I think I should go and prepare for February’s task! So check back next month for the next Pinterest project!