A Colourific Project!

Remember those days as a child where you’d pick up your pencils, open your colouring book and just colour to your heart’s content? It didn’t matter if you coloured outside the lines or selected a weird colour scheme; green people, a pink sky, it just didn’t matter.

But did you ever finish a whole colouring book? From the front page to the back including any extra ‘fun’ activities they may have thrown in? I certainly know I didn’t! I’d get restless after a page or two at most and then pick up another one of the many colouring books I seemed to own. I’m sure there is a large pile of partially complete ones somewhere in my mother’s cupboards still waiting to be finished.

So I thought, it’s time. I’m an adult, I can sit still for a lot longer now than when I was a kid; I’m going to complete a whole colouring book. Unfortunately I don’t live close enough to my Mum’s home to pick up one of the books that was unfinished from my childhood so I had to buy one and start from scratch. Oh yes, completely from scratch.

And what better to colour in from beginning to end but pages and pages of Scooby Doo and all of his gang.


Lots and lots of pictures of the Scooby Gang, silly puzzles and lots of zany bad guy antics just waiting to change from a plain black and white page to a bright and exciting picture full of colours. (Which will hopefully look a little better than when I was three)


My crayons are lined up and ready to go so without delay…..I’m off to colour!