Should have learnt a long time ago….

Well i did it. That’s right, i completed something off my bucket list. Something i should have done a long, long time ago. Yep, i learnt to use chopsticks 😛

Hahaha, this is definitely a bucket list item that should have been quick and easy but i’ve just been lazy. So when i was out enjoying a delicious Japanese banquet with my fiance on Friday i thought; why not now? So after dropping many bits of food, splashing myself with the broth from one of my courses and looking i imagine quite silly, i finally managed to eat with chopsticks!

This may sound like a small achievement but i’m clumsy. Very, very, very clumsy and uncoordinated. So i’m thrilled!

More posts to come soon….i’m not confirming but i do believe there was a 6 course meal that took place recently…..