I was a bad blogger in 2013

Happy New Year everybody!!!!

And yes; the title is true i’ve been a bad blogger and sadly also very lazy with my bucket list.

2013 was such a busy year with both myself and now husband starting a new job, getting married and then training for a new job at work. We also spent much time in 2013 looking for a new rental property that was a bit more spacious and modern and planning our honeymoon. So it stood to reason that i wouldn’t be as dedicated to outside project.

I was lapse in posting on this blog; partially because i was extremely busy but partially because i was just as lazy with actually completing my bucket list items! Which meant i had few experiences to write about and no photo’s to share.

I also had some failures….i attempted to do a pinterest project every month for a year and fell over within 2 months! And i set myself a goodreads challenge of reading 24 books. And can you believe it…..i only made it to 22!!!! I must admit i am quite disappointed to be just two books away but that has just lit my fire to jump back into it for 2014.

I suppose thought i shouldn’t be quite so critical i did cross a few things off my list last year.

In 2013 i……

  • Made out with someone with pop rocks in my mouth
  • Built a blanket fort with someone i love
  • Kissed at the top of a Ferris wheel
  • Learnt how to use chopsticks
  • Built a gingerbread house
  • Tried chocolate covered bacon
  • Ate eggs in onion rings
  • Wore a beautiful wedding dress

and of course…..Married the love of my life!

Not too shabby but not too great. Of course i wouldn’t trade marrying my wonderful Husband for any of my other bucket list items but i just wanted to have done more in the year. So for 2014 i’m looking to complete some larger items and get started on some of the things on my list that might take a little longer or take more effort.

More information to come on my 2014 plans but for now; hope you’ve all enjoyed your New Years celebrations and i’m going to be a good this coming year and i’m throwing away the title of ‘bad blogger’!

The Big Day!

This is a huge item off my bucket list…..which to be honest was more of a life goal than an actual bucket list item.

I got Married!!! To the absolute love of my life Nathan. On the 8th September we walked up the aisle at Bram Leigh Receptions in Melbourne, Australia and I can now say he is officially my husband and I his wife.

It was a wonderfully fantastic day; despite the weather in the week leading up to the big day it actually ended up being clear and sunny skies. We had a friend of the family as our celebrant which made the ceremony more personal to us. We were also blessed with amazing family and friends who travelled to us to share in our happiness.

We had a fantastic photographer, great venue staff and a gorgeous wedding cake that was unique to us. It was actually made by myself, now husband and my mother. Without them it all wouldn’t have come together so perfectly.

I was also able to mark “Wearing a beautiful wedding dress” off my list. This was actually pretty amazing as my beautiful custom made dress was made by my now Mother-in-law Terri. It was such an honour to wear something that had been handmade just for me by someone who we love dearly.

We are still waiting on our professional photographs but I wanted to post something here at least prior to that; I will certainly post again when our spectacular photo’s come through. So without further ado here we are; the Mr & Mrs!!!