A Colourific Project!

Remember those days as a child where you’d pick up your pencils, open your colouring book and just colour to your heart’s content? It didn’t matter if you coloured outside the lines or selected a weird colour scheme; green people, a pink sky, it just didn’t matter.

But did you ever finish a whole colouring book? From the front page to the back including any extra ‘fun’ activities they may have thrown in? I certainly know I didn’t! I’d get restless after a page or two at most and then pick up another one of the many colouring books I seemed to own. I’m sure there is a large pile of partially complete ones somewhere in my mother’s cupboards still waiting to be finished.

So I thought, it’s time. I’m an adult, I can sit still for a lot longer now than when I was a kid; I’m going to complete a whole colouring book. Unfortunately I don’t live close enough to my Mum’s home to pick up one of the books that was unfinished from my childhood so I had to buy one and start from scratch. Oh yes, completely from scratch.

And what better to colour in from beginning to end but pages and pages of Scooby Doo and all of his gang.


Lots and lots of pictures of the Scooby Gang, silly puzzles and lots of zany bad guy antics just waiting to change from a plain black and white page to a bright and exciting picture full of colours. (Which will hopefully look a little better than when I was three)


My crayons are lined up and ready to go so without delay…..I’m off to colour!


12 Months of Pinterest

I thought it was time to start one of the bucket list items I have that is going to take me a bit longer than some of the others. It’s a 12 month project…..it’s “Complete a project from Pinterest every month for a year!”

Now this may not seem like a big deal to a lot of crafty or arty people out there but for me it’s huge. I’ve never been very good with starting a hands on project and completing it; I guess you could say I don’t have a lot of follow through. For example, I have a half finished knitted scarf in the cupboard that is full of holes, a cross stitch sitting on my desk that is gathering dust and a sketch book that has half finished drawings. So to take on a bucket list challenge like this will take all of the dedication I have.

There are a few rules for this big bucket list challenge.

  1. I have to have found the project via pinterest.
    (If you don’t know what pinterest is, check out my link at the bottom)
  2. It has to be a craft/art/creative project of some sort.
    (No cooking projects allowed as I cook anyway so it would be cheating!) 
  3. I have to COMPLETE the project in the allotted month. Not just start it, not just try it but complete it.

I’ll be posting here each month with whatever project I select so if I fail you’ll all know and be able to tell me off! Scary thought, hehe.

I’m now heading off to work on this month’s project. ¬†As I’ve left it until very late in January to start this bucket list goal I’d better kick my butt into high gear and get moving! Wish me luck!

P.S. If you’re interested in checking out my pinterest boards or just pinterest in general just follow the link below. If you want to see the possible projects I could be doing over the 12 months, want to have a look at my picture bucket list or a whole bunch of other things I’ve pinned head on over and check it all out!